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Work Toward Justice

Image by Markus Spiske

As people of faith, we share a calling to love and care for God’s creation. Now is the time for you to support the broadening of inclusion in climate action, advocacy, and justice.


Below are tools and resources to deepen your personal congregation-wide commitment to justice by seeking, advocating for, and working on, and funding efforts to bring about just and equitable climate action and solutions.

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Getting Started

There are many ways to work toward justice. Below is a sample plan of simple actions to get you started. Looking for more ways to engage? See a full list of actions to support just and equitable climate action and solutions.

  1. Create a Creation Justice task force in your congregation and utilize different resources to build knowledge on the topic.

  2. Discuss and assess how your congregation is already advancing justice and identify ways in which your congregation could strengthen its efforts.

  3. Celebrate your successes with your congregation, denomination, and wider community through newsletters and social media, inviting other houses of worship in your area to join the One Home One Future campaign.

Ways to Engage

Below are books, videos, discussion guides, and curricula to deepen your climate justice education; advocacy and action opportunities; and resources to engage with justice work through coalition partners.

You can browse all of the One Home One Future tools and opportunities, and find upcoming events, in the Resource Hub.

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