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Support Faith Leaders

Whether you are clergy or a lay leader, we recognize you are on the front lines of the climate crisis. As adult and youth leaders, you serve as spiritual guides and lead on justice within and beyond your congregations. You are essential to thriving congregations and health communities, and we hope One Home One Future can offer you greater support, resources, and knowledge.


Below are tools and resources to support clergy, laity, and youth to preach, teach, and lead congregations to just climate action.

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Getting Started

There are many ways to engage with creation care. Below is a sample plan of simple actions to get you started. Looking for more ways to engage? See a full list of actions to support faith leaders below.

  1. Deepen your knowledge about Climate and Faith through the Ambassador Training Program.

  2. Plan a creation care Worship Service or a sermon on creation care.

  3. Take action as a congregation.

  4. Celebrate your successes with your congregation, denomination, and wider community through newsletters and social media, inviting other houses of worship in your area to join the One Home One Future campaign.

Ways to Engage

Below are tools to further creation care education, such as trainings, books, and action sheets; resources for clergy to engage congregants using hymns, music, scripture, and sermon; and community engagement pathways, including online platforms, in-person retreats, webinars, and conferences.

You can browse all of the One Home One Future tools and opportunities, and find upcoming events, in the Resource Hub.

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