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Engage & Strengthen Communities

Your house of worship and faith community are likely a tent pole in your local community. As climate impacts expand and increase, leading your community in climate action and building climate resilience will become increasingly important.


Below are tools and resources to go beyond your congregational walls to connect and collaborate with other congregations of many faiths, local organizations, and agencies for collective impact.


Getting Started

Climate impacts range from heat, fire, and drought to severe storms, wind, and flooding and everywhere in between based on your geographic areas. Below is a sample plan of simple actions to start building climate resilience in your community. See a full list of actions below.

  1. Lead visibly on climate in your local community. Hang your banner in front of your house of worship, add the One Home One Future logo to your website, and post creation care actions on social media. 

  2. Invite other congregations to join you in this work. We go further together. Find ways to collaborate and lead together in your community.

  3. Organize an environmental initiative in your community. Create spaces and opportunities to talk about creation care by hosting a program, tabling at a community event, or speaking at happenings beyond the walls of your house of worship. 

  4. Celebrate creation care successes with the wider community through local news media, social media and more. Invite other houses of worship and individuals to join the One Home One Future campaign.

Ways to Engage

Below are visible actions to engage with One Home One Future, creation care organizations and denominational programs to connect and engage with, and examples of congregations engaging their communities.

You can browse all of the One Home One Future tools and opportunities, and find upcoming events, in the Resource Hub.

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