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Strengthen Resilience & Preparedness

Image by Markus Spiske

Your congregation and house of worship may experience climate impacts in the form of disasters, leading to infrastructure damage and power disruption. Your congregation may also provide sanctuary to surrounding communities during extreme weather.


You can use the tools and resources below to strengthen disaster preparedness efforts and better ready your house of worship to act as a sanctuary space.

Image by Chris Gallagher

Getting Started

Communities in different geographic regions will experience different climate disasters. Below is a sample plan of simple actions to get you started on preparing your house of worship. See a full list of actions to strengthen resilience and preparedness below.

  1. Download the resource titled “Moving Forward: A Guide to Climate Action for Your Congregation and Community” and explore different visible, inexpensive, and easy changes you and your congregation can make today.

  2. Celebrate your successes with your congregation, denomination, and wider community through newsletters and social media, inviting other houses of worship in your area to join the One Home One Future campaign.

Ways to Engage

Below are checklists and information on disaster preparedness; guides for turning houses of worship into sanctuaries; research, education, and connection opportunities on spiritual resilience; and resources specific to youth engagement.

You can browse all of the One Home One Future tools and opportunities, and find upcoming events, in the Resource Hub.

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