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Finance Creation Care

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Our personal and community finances should align with our faith and support creation care and climate justice. Financial situations are unique to individual communities and houses of worship.


Below is a sample plan of simple actions to get you started on allocating for climate. See a full list of actions below.

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Getting Started

Below are tools and resources you can use to align your faith, finances, and funding with climate solutions.

  1. Review and reflect on financial decisions. Create or update guidelines determined by your faith, morals, and values that determine how money is earned, invested, and spent.

  2. Faithfully choose your financial institution for your banking, savings, credit cards and investing. Visit the “Banking on our Future” website by Third Act and explore the resources and FAQ section.

  3. Support just and equitable climate solutions. Identify businesses and organizations to support that align with your faith values, such as local farmers, black owned businesses, indigenous organizations, climate justice organizations, and more.

  4. Take advantage of grants and rebates through Government monies like the Investment Reduction Act and state and local programs. 

  5. Share your financial knowledge with other communities of faith. Invite other houses of worship to join the One Home One Future campaign.

Ways to Engage

Below are blogs detailing tips, best practices, and examples; guides and resources from coalition partners, and examples of successful climate justice funding. 

You can browse all of the One Home One Future tools and opportunities, and find upcoming events, in the Resource Hub.

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