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Build Thriving Congregations

Congregations thrive when the members are strongly connected to their faith, to each other, and to all creation.


By protecting and healing the earth and standing with and for marginalized people impacted by climate change, congregations can increase their energy, relevancy, and enthusiasm. Using the tools and resources below, guide and support your congregation in creation care and climate justice.

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Getting Started

Each congregation should engage in creation care based on their distinct strengths and gifts, grounded by their mission and vision. Below is a sample plan of simple actions to get your congregation started. See the full list of actions to build thriving congregations below.

  1. Join the One Home One Future campaign. When your banner and kit arrives, host a creation care worship service or event to celebrate. Hang the banner, take photos, and share your commitment to visibly live out your faith in your local community. Post on social media and share with the campaign.

  2. Start or expand a creation care team.  Make a creation care plan with goals and next steps. Start with small, easily achievable goals and build on your successes. Connect with your denomination’s creation care program.

  3. Save money by reducing energy consumption. Download the Moving Forward: A Guide to Climate Action for Your Congregation and Community” resource and explore changes your congregation can make. 

  4. Celebrate your successes with your congregation, denomination, and wider community through newsletters and social media to visibly lead in your faith.

  5. Invite other houses of worship to join the One Home One Future campaign.

Ways to Engage

Below are actions you and your community can take to build a thriving congregation and care for creation. Each action page has all of the resources, information, guides, videos, books, and more to guide your work. You can browse all of the One Home One Future tools and opportunities in the Resource Hub.

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